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Interview: White Fence

November 22, 2014

Since 2010, Tim Presley has released five solo albums as White Fence, one collaborative album with Ty Segall, a live cassette, and a handful of singles on Woodsist, Castelface and Drag City records. They’re all cigarette burned bedroom bangers, kaleidoscopic rock and roll with swagger and hooks. We were stoked at the chance to talk to him about his new ‘studio’ album.A lot has been made about this being a production step up for you, Pitchfork going as far as dubbing it you “first non-bedroom LP” - How does that ring with you? Does it feel like you’ve changed gear?I guess technically it’s non-bedroom. but really it was made in a garage, then dumped onto 2” tape in a studio.... Continue Reading →

Interview: Stephen Steinbrink

November 18, 2014

One early july morning when driving around the country lanes listening to promo albums in the car, I loaded up Stephen Steinbrink’s forthcoming album via melodic. As with all of their promos, it arrived with few pre-conceptions in a simple brown card packet. It took less than ten seconds to pull the car over and listen to the entire first half of the album in a lay-by. It sounds a bit like all of the bands I love, so I wanted to tell him so and talk about how it came together...If you don’t mind me asking, who is tattoo’d on your right forearm?Hi! It’s just a little doodle I drew on a piece of paper while on tour years... Continue Reading →


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