Record Store Day 2014

** TUESDAY 22nd APRIL **
We have taken a bunch of sold out products offline. We will be getting some re-stocks, but the all other products will be for sale online HERE this Friday night at Midnight.

** UPDATE 19th APRIL **
Thanks for all coming past, it was well and beyond our busiest ever day.

** UPDATE 10th APRIL **
You can view all of the products we'll be stocking right here.

** UPDATE 3rd APRIL **
Playing live on the day at Drift will be The Computers. Wristbands available throughout the day.

** UPDATE 1st APRIL **
We have an after show party at South Devon Arts Centre with guest DJs and prizes. Info.

** UPDATE 20th MARCH **

You can view the full launch list of 2014 exclusives as a pdf file here.

So since it’s humble origins in 2008 (where mostly the same couple of people came in and fought over the Vampire Weekend 'A-Punk’ 7”) we’ve been big advocates of Record Store Day and over the last seven years we’ve managed to get our buying policies pretty much bang on… we think.

This year we are making this announcement nice and early to GET IN TOUCH WITH US AND TELL US WHAT YOU WANT… there is very little point in queuing up outside on the day and assuming that we’ll have loads of the Section 25, Criolo and Waylon Jennings vinyl… we might just not be able to cover all 600+ bases that we’re being offered.


1. As of this week ALL of the exclusives will be listed on
2. Have a good read
3. Send us an email on the form to the right telling us what it is you want on the day.

We can not in anyway guarantee that we’ll be able to get hold of it, or in certain cases get hold of enough copies. This also in no way means we’ll reserve, stick it aside, pre order it or in any way get you a copy… we’re just trying to make sure that we hook up as many of you as possible and let down as few of you as possible.

Q & A

Q. What time will you open?
A. About 9am most likely, details tbc.

Q. What time will people be queuing form?
A. Word has it the queue formed at close to 5:30am on the last two years.

Q. Are you having anything else happen on the day?
A. Yes we are. Wristbands will be given out during the day, more details to follow.

Q. Can you reserve me one of the David Bowie 7"s?
A. Dude.... get in line at the back of the queue.

Q. Is it true that if we are nice to you you're way more likely to give us free stuff?
A. BANG ON... We'll also likely give you cups of tea.

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