April 28, 2015

"Scared me so bad, I thought I would shit."

We are stoked that Paradise of Bachelors are issuing the first-ever reissue of the private-press country-rock rarity by Colorado auto body painter, Marine, and garage band lifer Kenny Knight next month. Produced in cooperation with Numero Group, it features liner notes by writer and collector Michael Klausman and Kenny himself. You can read them on the Paradise site here. Two track preview below, Whisky will keep you up all night long.

Pre order at Drift now.

We always dig Paradise of Bachelors' output, but this one feels like a really special release, a record that has existed in the shadows alone for way too long.

"I would like to thank everyone involved in letting this album be heard. And most of all, thank YOU for wanting to listen to it." - Kenny Knight.

April 24, 2015

April Playlist

We've been saying it a lot, but April has been a banging month for releases. Here is a playlist with tracks from the albums we've been enjoying.

April 19, 2015

The RSD Raffle

This Saturday we were selling tickets in the shop to be drawn in a raffle for some pretty decent prizes. We'll admit, we just forgot to do the draw during the afternoon in amongst all the releases, DJ sets and beer... Today, in a surreally quiet juxtapose to when we last stood in the shop, just two of us drew out the winning tickets.

TICKET 83 - Won the Scott Walker 'Bish Bosch' original album artwork section.
TICKET 11 - Won the Courtney Barnet 'A Sea Of Split Peas' artwork canvas.
TICKET 41 - Won the Pixies 'Doolitle 25' test pressing.
TICKET 66 - Won the East India Youth 'Culture of Volume' test pressing.

They are all in the shop to collect now.

April 16, 2015

Ten RSD exclusive picks.

Tomorrow is Record Store Day and we thought you might like a few tips.

The next 48 hours are going to be a whirl of excitement (we hope), instagram posts of queues, boxes, Ninja Tunes and bottles of beer. Here are ten releases that we highly recommend, essentially, if we had less scruples the stuff we'd have already stashed behind the counter for ourselves...

1. William Tyler - Deseret Canyon
Double LP
The first collection of largely solo guitar-based composition by William Tyler. Originally released in 2008 by German imprint Apparent Extent under the moniker The Paper Hats. Now reissued under Tyler’s own name.

2. Various Artists - Ork Complete Singles
16 x 7" Box
At the epicenter of New York's most significant music scene was an instantly-forgotten record label; Ork Records, the first punk label and the original "indie." For the first time ever, the monumental output of this explosive imprint's 1975-1979 run is all in one place.

3. Lord Sitar - Lord Sitar (Stereo)
Lord Sitar was the alias for renowned session musician and guitar virtuoso Big Jim Sullivan who, in 1966 and 1967, found himself in the enviable position of being the only established session guitarist in England to own a sitar

4. Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians
Double LP
Reich himself has admitted that Music For 18 Musicians marks a “high point” in his career. “It’s undoubtedly one of the best pieces I’ve ever done. 'There’s just a handful of living composers who can legitimately claim to have altered the direction of musical history and Steve Reich is one of them.’ - The Guardian

5. Amon Tobin - Dark Jovian
A totally original vinyl product, unparalleled in design: 2 white vinyl 12"s with etched markings are encased in a white, branded, rubber wheel and presented in a clear Perspex box. Design by Alexander Brown - This is seriously another level.

6. Graeme Miller & Steve Shill - The Moomins Theme
7" with Fuzzy Felt sleeve
In a lost music investigation that dates back to the inception of the label itself, Finders Keepers Records are finally able to bring you the fruits of a ten-year dedicated truffle hunt that spans the undergrowth of four distant countries bringing some indefinable musical treats that unite the unlikely bedfellows of New Age electronics, ethnological influences, soundtracks and DIY punk - all wrapped up in a gigantic fuzzy ball of nostalgia. Behold the previously unreleased soundtrack to the 1983 UK broadcast version of The Moomins.

7. Oneohtrix Point Never - Commissions II
As a companion to Commissions I (2014), composer/producer Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) offers a new selection of commissioned works from the artist's diverse creative projects.

8. Various Artists - Heavenly 25 Box Set
7 x 7"
Now in its 25th year, THE AWARD WINNING Heavenly Recordings have created a series of limited edition double A-sided split 7"s to mark this year‘s Record Store Day. The 7‘s, which feature most of the labels current roster, include a number of exclusive cover-versions, remixes and hard-to-find tracks. All gathered into one box.

9. Red House Painters - Box Set
6 x LP
Red House Painters‘ boxset contains the band‘s first four albums, originally released between 1992 and 1995 - Down Colorful Hill, Red House Painters (Rollercoaster), Red House Painters (Bridge), and Ocean Beach (which has been reformatted to now be a double 12" to also include the Shock Me EP). Big white flip top box... opens like a massive pack of fags.

10. Doug Hream Blunt - Gentle Persuasion (Remix)
12" + 90's deadstock porn Magazine
You might ask what’s next after Luaka Bop’s William Onyeabor project, Doug Hream Blunt! As a preamble here is a very limited pressing of two stellar sonic prognosticator’s take on the legendary Doug Hream Blunt’s “Gentle Persuasion.”

April 14, 2015

Drift x New Lion

This weekend we will be stocking two special edition limited Drift x New Lion Brewery beers. In the last couple of years the Brewers (and neighbours of ours) have perfected their craft and we're stoked to have a batch of their pretty unbelivable beers in the Drift shop for a boozy tint to Record Store Day. Special Drift labelled Mane Event and Pandit IPA. Come see us tell us you love us.

More on New Lion here: www.newlionbrewery.co.uk

April 11, 2015

Record Store Day... Day....

We’re currently fielding loads of excited phone calls and messages about Record Store Day… we’re really psyched that you’re all into it and we’re very much looking forward to seeing you all.

You can view all of the stock we are carrying in a collection here; www.thedriftrecordshop.net/RSD15 I doubt we’ll have it all loaded much before the day so keep checking back. You can download a PDF file HERE with the full list of stock we expect to have including guide prices*

Some info about the day

1. We will be at the shop from about 8am to take some questions, turn on the heating and serve some coffee. We will open the door at 9am and will be letting in the first twenty people who are queuing. From that point on we will operate ‘one out, one in’.

2. People start queuing outside anywhere between 4am and 6am.

3. Strictly ONE COPY OF EACH EXCLUSIVE RELEASE per customer. Please don’t ask us to bend this rule, it’s super embarrassing.

We have ordered A LOT of stock across a wide variety of titles (just over three hundred), but some releases are in extremely high demand and we’ll only have a couple of copies. First come, first served is fairest and we appreciate your understanding and support.

More information to follow this week, but follow us on Twitter for minute by minute blows of dealign with the ups and downs.

* Prices are subject to change and releases are likely to be cancelled or arrive late.

April 01, 2015

Record Club with Brain Rays

Last nights Record Club was the listening party and pre-release for the forthcoming Brain Rays cassette on Bizarre Rituals. We will have stock in the shop this coming Monday for sale, limited deep aqua blue. Some images below shot by Dom Moore. The next Record Club will be Tuesday 14th April, might be Record Store Day themed.

March 21, 2015

March Playlist

Below is a playlist for you covering the vast majority of what we'll be covering this March. 

March 12, 2015

We're backing the Bad Guys

Out in a few days is Bad Guynaecology, the second album from Hackney's Bad Guys.

It was recorded in a snake pit, in a quarry, on top of a mountain, in the desert, at night, during a thunderstorm... it's fucking killer. We're backing it.

March 03, 2015

Drift x Ninja: Congo Natty & Moiré

Today we're psyched to announce the fist two artists to be in attendance at Drift on Record Store Day as part of our celebration with Ninja Tune.

Congo Natty is one man, a family, a movement. Mikail Tafari aka Rebel MC stands at the core, he's the lens that brings the whole into focus. His Jungle Revolution album from 2013 just sold and sold and sold at Drift, ranking as one of our top fifty albums of the year. Jungle re-booted of roots reggae for a new century.

Released on Actress' Werkdiscs label, Moirés Shelter was one of our 2014 albums of the year and patterns a unique fusion of leftfield House and Techno.

We're very proud and utterly stoked to have both with us on Saturday 18th April. Tickets are selling very fast and we still have a second announcement or artists to make!! Purchase tickets at Drift here or online here.

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